5 Ways To Practice Self-Love Valentine's Day and Beyond

Listen… Loving yourself is an all-year affair, but with it being Valentine's Day, today it's time to show yourself some extra love!



Not only does appreciating yourself allow you to invest more time and love into others, but it’s a great boost for your mental health. So, whether you have a partner or not, invest some time into YOU this time of year (and all throughout the year) We’ve got 5 self-love practices to get your started…


Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo


Decluttering is gaining popularity thanks to this author turned Netflix star. Marie’s methods not only clear space in your home, but in your mind. Take time to create mental space and clarity by sorting through your unwanted items.


Cook a Romantic Meal For One


When was the last time you really took the time to cook yourself a nourishing soul-satisfying meal? It’s time to get down to the grocery store and back into the kitchen to whip yourself up a gourmet meal for one. Choose an indulgent recipe that’s outside your usual menu, to satisfy your belly and heart!


Indulge in a Pamper Session


Turn on those zen tunes and get the face masks out, a pamper session is just what cupid ordered. Our Cora 3 Facial System and Cora 7 Complete Spa System are up to the task! Give yourself some TLC to unwind and show yourself how much you appreciate you.


Have a Movie Marathon Binge


Romcom, sci-fi or action thriller - whatever your preferred genre, grab the popcorn and get Netflix streaming. Allow yourself to have a guilt-free movie binge and enjoy the company of your favorite fictional characters.


Date Yourself


Get in front of your Aura Vanity Mirror and get ready to take yourself out.

Do something for you and just you. Whether that’s a trip to the movies, a picnic in the park or a stroll on the beach. Realize that your own company is more than enough sometimes! --- Self-love isn’t being selfish!



It’s about allowing ourselves the space and time we need and deserve so we can become the best version of ourselves for both us and others. So show yourself some appreciation this month of love and go on a journey of positive self-discovery.


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