The Best DIY Aromatherapy Recipes for Steam Facials

Level up your next at-home steam facial with aromatics from your pantry

Since the recent launch of our new Aromatherapy Nano-Glow Facial Steamer, Rivo, here at Fancii we have been experimenting and testing different recipes using Rivo's oversized fruit basket. The basket allows you to add your own fruit, herbs, teas or essential oils to totally customize your facial steam experience both to the needs of your skin, but also your mood! Today, we are excited to share some classic combinations that not only pamper the spirit but also offer some nutritive benefits to the skin as well.

With Rivo, you can create luxurious, aromatherapy steam facials at home.

3 winning DIY aromatherapy recipes

Using these easy-to-access ingredients, you can create a luxurious and aromatic steam facial at home.


Benefit: Invigorate and revive your skin with a fresh and juicy burst of nutrients

The combination of orange and mint is perfect for invigorating your skin while awakening your senses. That naturally occurring vitamin C from the orange is nutritive to your skin in that it helps to promote collagen production while brightening and clarifying your skin. This is a beautiful combination to use in the morning or at any time you feel your skin feels dull and lack-lustre.

Rivo is the perfect way to help maintain your skin, in between spa treatments. 

- Kayla Diaz, Esthetician


Benefit: Rich in antioxidants that purify, brighten and while protecting against pollutants and stress.

This classic combination is detoxifying and bursting with antioxidants. Lemon is a natural exfoliant and is great for helping to clear up blackheads and acne. Like orange, it is also a nice source of vitamin C which is why lemon is so famous for brightening and clarifying.

Green tea has sooo many amazing benefits for the skin too! It’s one of the most antioxidant rich foods ever discovered which helps fight oxidative stress that contributes to premature aging and also helps protect and cleanse the skin of environmental pollutants too.

This combination is very anti-inflammatory which makes it great for soothing any redness or irritation on the skin.


Benefit: Soothe, calm and uplift your skin with the healing essence of flowers

Chamomile is a calming classic that we often think of sipping on at the end of a long day, but those internal soothing benefits resonate topically as well and when you infuse your steam with chamomile it helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation as well.

This floral combination of rose with the chamomile is soothing and uplifting...both for your skin and your spirit! It’s a great combination for oily-skin and works as an effective decongestant for clogged pores. We love embracing the relaxing vibe of this combination before bed or on those days when a little extra stress-recovery is needed.

For a double dose of bliss, make yourself a tea of the same combination and sip on it while you soak in this dreamy floral steam facial.

How to create your aromatherapy steam

How to use Rivo's fruit basket with your facial

  • Start by adding distilled water to Rivo's water tank.
  • Remove the fruit basket from the top and place whatever dried fruits, herbs, tea or water-based essential oils to the fruit basket.
  • Plug Rivo in and choose one of the six Steam Treatment settings to your skin's preference!
  • Close your eyes, sit back and let the aromatic steam melt away stress while providing a therapeutic deep pore cleanse.
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