Fancii's Astrological Sign Pairing Guide

Fancii Cora 3 facial cleansing system

Are you a Leo? Sagittarius? Pisces?

We’ve all got an astrological sign, but do you know what Fancii product pairs best with your sign?

Let’s find out... 🤩



Set aside work and take some ‘me time’ with Remi. She’ll massage away all of your tension and stress. 💆

Fanciii Remi uplift beauty facial roller



Your one-of-a-kind beauty reminds us of Gala. She’s our largest mirror with natural LEDs and storage tray. ✨

Fancii Gala Lighted vanity mirror with 10x magnifying mirror



Isla’s gentle just like you! Her 1600 vibrating silicone bristles gently exfoliate and unclog pores. ☺️

Fancii Isla sonic facial scrubber for women



Lola fits your go-getter approach to life. Her 6 attachments and 8 speeds will give you a mani/pedi in no time! 💅

Fancii Lola electric mani pedi set



You love luxury and comfort, and Aeva’s just that! Her Brazilian rose quartz will feel ah-mazing on your skin 😌

Fancii Aeva rose quartz facial roller



You’re known for having two beautiful sides. Mila was made for both with her 1X and 10X mirrors featuring dimmable LEDs. 🌟

Fancii Mila compact mirror with LED lights



Cora 3 is just as loyal as you. She’s there for all your cleansing needs with 3 brush heads to make you glow. 💖

Fancii Cora 3 facial cleansing brush



You love the finer things in life which is why you deserve Vera. Her gorgeous design and LED lights will take your vanity space to the next level 😍

Fancii Vera chrome vanity mirror with lights



It’s the simple things that make your life easier, like Mynt. Her 5 attachments make mani/pedi’s a piece of cake! 💗

Fancii Mynt cordless nail file



Nala is as bright as your outlook on life with her Tru-Glo LED lights that scored 95 on the CRI! 😊

Fancii Nala makeup mirror with 10x magnification



You’re full of positive qualities that make you, you! Lumi’s known for her great features like her 10 gorgeous natural daylight LEDs. 💕

Fancii Lumi large compact makeup mirror with lights



Sagittarius, you’re spontaneous and fun. Get ready for all your adventures with our Zora anywhere, anytime! 🤗

Fancii Zora makeup mirror with LED lights



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