Self Care Ideas From The Fancii Team

Self-care takes on many forms and means something different for everyone. At Fancii, we love to find ways to incorporate self-care into our busy work week! We asked a few members of our team who they practice self-care on the regular and here’s what they had to say…


Starting Off Slowly

 “I love to start my days slowly so for me that’s a cup of tea and a green smoothie while I organize organise my emails in the morning. I love having a diffuser in my office and my go-to scent is Bergamot for its fresh citrus smell! If it’s nice out,  I’ll move my workstation on the patio for some fresh air and sunshine.”

- Laura, Brand Manager


90's Dance Moves

“Self-care to me means staying active and keeping my body moving. After numerous back to back zoom calls, there’s nothing that gets me moving (mentally and physically) than getting off my office chair and breaking into some quick dance moves. “Alexa - play dance party music!” 

- Mandy, Communications Manager


Fuel For Thought

“It’s so important for me to keep my body fueled throughout the day. Snack prepping has been a game-changer for me - simply cut up some fresh fruit and veg the night before and snack on it throughout the day. Chai tea lattes are my go-to mid-day treat! I put a few tea bags in a large mason jar and brew for 3-5 min, add honey, and put it in the fridge to use throughout the week.  Just warm it up and add some frothed milk and you have yourself the perfect 3 pm pick-me-up!” 

- Dana, Junior Graphic Designer


Hugs and Love

“After sitting at a computer all day, I find the best way to immediately de-stress and boost my mood is by hugging my kids! Working from home has this great perk! It immediately gives me a calming feeling, and that physical touch (which releases oxytocin - the “feel-good” hormone) is something our bodies need. For a more intense reset after a tough day, try hugging for at least 20 seconds! It feels amazing.” 

- Irene, Senior Creative Lead


Masking With Food

“Dinner doesn’t have to be the only thing you’re cooking up in the kitchen tonight. Look no further than your pantry for some of the best ingredients for a DIY face mask. “I love giving my skin a little TLC while I prepare dinner! My favorite combo is Avocado + Honey but the options are limitless!” 

- Jenny, Digital Marketing Manager


Bubbles In The PM

“For me bubble baths are the ultimate self-care treat. I have a glass of wine, stream my fave rom-com, throw on a hair mask and then i’m ready for bed! A couple of times a week I use our Cora 7 massager and pumice to exfoliate my worries away.” 

- Deiana, Marketing Assistant

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