Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse


A woman’s purse is full of mystery. If you dig around any oversized bag, you’ll likely discover a whole variety of items that belong to its owner. While every bag and its contents are different there are, however, some must-have staples that every woman should keep in her purse. These include practical items that help with day-to-day life and accessories that can save you if you’re stuck with a beauty faux pas. After all, you never know when emergencies might occur! Ready to discover the top 10 essential items every woman should have in her purse? We’re here to spill all so you’ll be prepared for any sticky situation that may arise.



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Wherever you go, whatever the occasion, keeping a handy hair tie in your purse or around your wrist is a must. Even if you usually wear your hair down long, you never really know when a hair tie might come in useful. Hot and sweaty at the gym? Tie your hair up. On a windy walk? Hair up again. Locks getting in the way at work? Up they go. There are so many situations when a hair tie can make life a lot less bothersome, so always remember to keep one in your purse. If you can, bring a spare one too. Your friends will thank you for it when they’ve left theirs at home!


Breath Freshener

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Even if you give your teeth a good scrub morning and night, at the end of the day your breath won’t be smelling as minty fresh! Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation, but especially so if you’ve got an important event coming up such as a business meeting, celebration with friends, or a hot date. Keep some sort of breath freshener in your purse such as mints or chewing gum. You’ll appreciate them even more so when your date leans in for that all-important first kiss!


Compact Mirror

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Unfortunately, our makeup never stays looking as fresh as it did when applied first thing in the morning. So, for those inevitable touch-ups, a decent compact mirror is necessary. Don’t even think about using your phone – even if you do manage to catch a decent sight of your reflection, it’s unlikely to provide a good result.

Instead, invest in a high-quality compact such as our Lumi mirror. Lightweight enough to carry around in your purse all day, it features two premium-quality glass mirrors offering clear clarity and detail so you can fix any smudged makeup with precision. The incorporation of LED lights also means that you can touch your makeup up wherever you are – whether you’re riding on public transport, sitting in a dimly-lit restaurant, or are stuck at the desk at work.


Healthy Snack Bar

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For many of us, it’s easy to work through lunch leaving our stomachs grumbling. For those jam-packed days in the office, it’s useful to have a filling yet healthy snack in your purse. Healthy snack bars are a good option, as they last for a long time and are lightweight enough to carry around all day. If you have enough room, throw a couple in – just in case!


Hand Sanitizer

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Even though we try our best efforts to wash our hands regularly, they’re constantly getting grubby as we touch stuff throughout our daily routine. If you ride public transport during a typical day, then hand sanitizer is even more useful. It’s not a pleasant feeling leaving the humid and hot subway on a scorching summer’s day, only to find that your hands feel clammy and grimy following your journey. Yuck! Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, so you can clean your hands wherever you are. Unlike soap or hand wash, sanitizer usually has between 60 – 80 percent alcohol which helps to kill the maximum number of germs. Go for a formula with vitamin E or a moisturizing agent so your hands don’t get dried out. We love this Organic Orange Hand Sanitizer by Brittanie’s Thyme. Not only will it keep your hands clean, but it smells scrumptious too.


Signature Lipstick

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There are always those occasions when you head out for the day barefaced, only for new plans to develop throughout the day. Instead of heading straight home from work and slipping on your comfy pajamas, instead, you’ve been persuaded into hitting the bar for after-work drinks with colleagues. If you only have one makeup item in your purse, let it be your favorite shade of lipstick. A swift glide of color onto your lips is enough to make you feel more made-up, ready to impress. Not only will you look great, but you’ll also feel more confident wearing your signature lippie Red is always a fail-safe option to glam up an office outfit and add a bit of color to your face if you’re feeling tired from a long week at work. We adore the colorful range of lipsticks by Urban Decay.


Nail File

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It’s always when you’re out and about rather than at home when your nails chip, isn’t it? Not only is it annoying, but it’s usually when you’re heading out to a special event – one where you’d like your talons to look perfectly-lacquered! Always prepare for any nail woes by keeping a handy nail file in your purse. Then, even if you’re sitting in a taxi on the way to a big party, you can file any pesky chips. We adore the Classy Lady crystal nail file, providing a flawless finish better than any emery board could offer.




A busy day can leave hair looking messy, unruly, and unkempt. That’s why keeping a hairbrush in the purse is key to maintaining any mane, especially if you often head out for after-work plans following a day in the office. After all, tangled hair is enough to ruin any look, even if your outfit and makeup are on point. A compact tangle teezer will remove even the toughest of knots without damaging your hair and will fit nicely in most purses.


Face Powder

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We’ve all been there – after rushing around all day, we finally get to a mirror to find ourselves with a shiny, sweaty glow. To keep unwanted gleam at bay, always carry a setting powder so you can dust your nose and cheeks at any point during the day. Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powderis a cult favorite for good reason. Not only will it combat shine, but it will also leave your face with a silky-smooth matte finish that lasts for up to 12 hours. That means you won’t need to keep topping up every hour or so.


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