Beauty Tips for Holiday-Worthy Looks

With the festive holiday season fast approaching, it will soon be time to dust off the sequin dresses and invest in some glam new makeup. With so many glitzy Christmas parties to attend, you’ll be wanting to look your best for the many photos that will be snapped.

Here are five tips on how to look picture-perfect this holiday season...

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Adjust Your Skincare Routine for the Season

Exfoliation. While many believe that exfoliating leads to dry skin, this isn’t the case. By removing dead skin cells the skin can easily absorb serums, oils, and moisturizers that help to combat dry skin. For ultimate exfoliation, our powerful CORA 3 cleansing brush system will deep-cleanse your skin and minimize pores, leaving you with super-smooth glowing skin, ready for party season.

Ingredients. Keep an eye out for products containing hyaluronic acid, soon to be your new best friend this winter. This must-have ingredient binds to water to help retain moisture, reduce wrinkles, redness, and dermatitis!

Masking. Take the time out to treat your skin to a rich and hydrating mask for extra nourishment. We love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask which leaves skin plump and intensely hydrated. It’s the perfect mask to sit back and relax with between those hectic Christmas parties!

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Rock a Bold Lip

The festive season is the perfect time to experiment with daring makeup looks, and one of the best ways to dress up an outfit is with a bold lip color. To stand out, why not pair an outfit with a daring red glitter lip?

To create this eye-catching pout, apply your favorite shade of red lipstick, and then coat your lips carefully with super-fine, bright red glitter. For a moody look, opt for a darker shade of lipstick such as a dusky scarlet red lipstick with a smooth satin finish. A cranberry shade is another great option to give your pout a festive vibe, or, alternatively, a sultry shade of dark purple offers a cool vampy vibe. For a range of funky and bold colors, check out Urban Decay’s dazzling range of lipsticks.

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Experiment with Strong Eyeshadow

Nothing says holidays like glitter and sparkle! For the ultimate party look, metallic or glittery eyeshadow paired with a clean face and delicate nude lips can go a long way. For a more subtle festive party look, dab hints of shimmer in the corners of your eyes and across your eyelids. 

Not a fan of glitter? We understand – the shimmer life isn’t for everyone! To experiment without the sparkle, jewel tones are ideal for the holiday season. Think emerald green, deep plum, and warm gold. A light, subtle sweep of one of these shades looks great with glowing skin, winged eyeliner, and fluttery lashes.

And when it comes to applying your eyeshadow, the Aria 11-Piece Makeup Brush Collection has just what you need. It includes 11 brushes made from cruelty-free synthetic fibers, and a vegan-friendly rollup pouch. These brushes deliver high-impact color and provide a precise application. 

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Impress with Cat-Eye Flicks

It’s time to practice your eyeliner skills because the festive season is the ideal time to prowl the parties with flirty feline flicks. Match dramatic eyeliner with a bold lip, and you’ve got the classic retro makeup look down to a tee. Alternatively, give your winged liner a festive twist with holiday-ready hues such as emerald, teal, and scarlet.

To create precise wings in a range of shades, check out Illamasqua’s quality selection of eyeliners.

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Keep Makeup Fresh with the Lumi Mirror

No matter how perfectly we apply our makeup before a big party or event, halfway through the night it never looks as good as it did when we walked through our front door. With the help of a lighted compact mirror such as Lumi, that can all change.

Lightweight enough to slip into your sparkly purse before an important do, the Lumi mirror features two premium-quality glass mirrors that offer a magnified and regular view of your reflection. The LED lights will help you tend to any emergency makeup errors with accuracy and efficiency! Say goodbye to an unkempt face and hello to all-night party-perfect makeup!

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