Makeup Lighting: An Illuminated Vanity For All Occasions

Movies, photoshoots, catwalks, restaurants and movies all have one thing in common…


It plays a huge role in modern media and significantly influences the atmosphere of an environment.

What has this got to do with makeup? Well, we’re glad you asked 

Have you ever found yourself looking more streaky and orange when you’re out and about than you did before you left the house? Lighting!

Do you ever find your complexion looks pale and washed out, leaving you looking a little ill? Lighting!

And does your eyeshadow seem a patchy mess, rather than the seamlessly blended masterpiece you perfected at home? Lighting!

No matter your makeup skills, a lack of lighting knowledge can catch you off guard when you least expect it. Whether you’re on a night out or popping for groceries - don’t get caught looking red faced (or orange!).

Light Science

If you’re wondering what all the science behind lighting is about then it’s time for a quick lesson...

Natural daylight is different to the lighting we find in our homes, office and other buildings. These lights are artificial and can give off different hues.

At home you’ll most likely find warm lighting. It’s also a common occurrence at restaurants, giving off that cosy ambience.

The harsher, brighter lights you find in offices are neutral or cool-toned and often appear white or blue-tinged.

So in short:

Natural Light = Outdoors, Sunlight, Non-artificial

Warm Light = Home, Restaurant, Artificial

Neutral & Cool Light = Bright White, Offices, Artificial

Start mixing your light settings and you’re in for some bad makeup science...

If you often get ready in your warm-hued bedroom to spend a day in a cool-toned office, then you’re probably going to be looking a little washed out. The warm lighting makes your face look already full of colour so you won’t apply lots of product. This doesn’t translate well to a neutral or cool toned environment, where the bright lights actually drain that color. 

Bright white lights often cause you to go a bit heavy handed with your brushes. Whilst this is great if you’re spending the day under cool lights, you’ll look a little blusher-happy if you’re spending your days pounding the naturally lit pavements.

To combat this always get ready using the same lighting as you’ll be spending most of the day in.

Let There Be (The Correct) Light…

Don’t worry…

Getting ready doesn’t have to be a minefield when it comes to lighting. The easiest way to get around your lighting woes is to make sure you have different lights to reflect where you’ll be spending your day.

Psst, it’s more simple than it sounds…

Enter the Fancii Aura Vanity Mirror. With 3 light settings, getting ready is more simple than ever - plus you don’t even need to spend a fortune investing in bulky lighting. 

We want you to look your best so you always feel your best. That’s why we’ve taken light-up vanity mirrors to the next level. In fact, Aura is one of the few mirrors on the market to offer a multi-light setting, fancii...

And you’ve guessed it…

The 3 light settings are warm, neutral and natural daylight - they’re even all dimmable! Using top quality, planet-friendly LED’s you can get ready feeling like the star you are! 

Use the natural daylight setting for when you’re spending the day outside, whether that’s at the beach or out running errands!

Our warm setting is what you’ll want to choose if you’re heading out to a restaurant. Dim the lights to achieve the same ambience as your favourite eatery to ensure you look flawless.

Off to work? Or perhaps you’re looking to take the perfect selfie. Either way the neutral setting will have you polishing your makeup off to look great in the office or in your latest set of snaps.

Get Illuminated

The benefits don’t stop there…

Our Aura Vanity Mirror even has a detachable 15x magnification mirror and a cosmetics tray. With both the ability to operate from a mains supply, usb and batteries, this mirror gives you the flexibility of getting ready where you fancii - even if you’re not near a wall socket. 

It’s time to supercharge your makeup routine…

With our innovative technology, you never have to settle for bad makeup days again - how de-light-ful!

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